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Train Tech TL10P - Traffic Lights (Pair)

Train Tech TL10P - Traffic Lights (Pair)

OO Gauge

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This pair working traffic lights are delivered pre-assembled and ready to fit into your model. They are easy to fit and wire up. All you need to do is drill a hole where you want each light, attach two wires to their bases and power them with a 9 - 16v supply. They can also be controlled with DCC programming by linking them to your DCC Bus wire.

The traffic lights operates just like the conventional ones found on British streets. The sequence lasts between 9 and 30 seconds so that if you have more of them on the layout they won't all change at once.

For that finishing touch, you can add a thin white line to the outside of the head which enhances the detail and makes them look that little bit more realistic.

This pack contains two working Traffic Lights. If you would like a single working Traffic Light, then you might consider the TTTL10 Traffic Light.

You will need either a 9 - 16v DC power supply or a feed from your DCC track. We recommend using a GMC-WM4 Wall Mounted Transformer to power these lights on a DC model railway.

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