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Oxford Diecast NXF008 - Jaguar XF Saloon Police

Oxford Diecast NXF008 - Jaguar XF Saloon Police

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The Oxford Jaguar XF in 1:148 scale is modelled on the executive car manufactured by Jaguar Land Rover at their Castle Bromwich Assembly plant in Birmingham. Designed by Ian Callum in 2005, the XF came as either a 4-door saloon, as our Oxford model, or as a 5-door estate. It succeeded the Jaguar S Type and lasted in production until 2015, including a facelift in 2011, when it was upgraded to the X260. It came with a petrol or diesel engine, a 6-speed gearbox as standard; competitive running costs with a combined fuel consumption of 50.9 mpg on the manual version and 49.9 for the diesel option. Horsepower was 120-221 kW. Prices started from £34,210.

It was popular in its role as a luxury business saloon but was also a favourite car for use by the Police. And here it is a used by the Surrey Police Division, registered GX10 HFL from 2010. With a base white body and lots of gleaming silver work, the Force crest features on the bonnet and behind the rear passenger windows. The luminous lime yellow and deep blue chequered Police graphics are printed along the vehicle sides and additional colour is added with the bright yellow and red chevrons across the boot. The roof features the customary blue Police lightbar as well as the vehicle's identity markings 36 BFJ visible from the air. The interior is black and it is worth noting that the XF in real life only came with upmarket leather seats. No takeaways and coffee cups in this Police car then!

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