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Oxford Diecast NJAG8003 - Jaguar Mk8 Indigo Blue/Cotswold Blue

Oxford Diecast NJAG8003 - Jaguar Mk8 Indigo Blue/Cotswold Blue

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This attractive two tone blue version of the Jaguar Mk VIII already features in the Oxford series of 1:43 scale Classic Cars and it makes its third appearance in our diminutive 1:148 scale where the livery, high level of detail and the registration plate 465 VLX are all the same.

Built by Jaguar Cars between 1956 and 1958, the Jaguar Mk VIII was classed as a full-size four door luxury car. Externally, the Mk VIII is very similar to its predecessor the VII M, also modelled by Oxford but if you compare, you will see the Mk VIII with a new curved one-piece windscreen, a different front grille and a curved chrome strip below the waist which made it easier for Jaguar to apply a tone-tone finish. The rear spats were also cut back on the real thing to display more of the rear wheels.

The interior was quite luxurious too and our latest release boasts steel blue seats and the exterior trim is silver which gleams against the smart rich blues.

However, in real life, after only a two-year Jaguar production of just under 6230 vehicles, the Mk VIII was superseded by the Mk IX

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