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Oxford Diecast NFT024 - Ford Transit Mk5 Royal Mail

Oxford Diecast NFT024 - Ford Transit Mk5 Royal Mail

N Gauge

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A High roof Mk 5 Ford in Royal Mail livery in 1:148 scale.

The vehicle is particularly special as it represents Royal Mail's introduction in real life of an 'electric' conversion of the standard Ford Transit TDCi 100T 350. One of the Smith electric vehicle conversions - note their name printed on the radiator grille and on the offside back door - this unique mail van is powered by an electric 400 CF Edison battery. Its Electric Vehicle status is printed in white on both sides beneath the Royal cipher. With a 2007 registration plate - YN07 EKH - and decorated in the signature bright red paint scheme with black interior, other modern graphics include the 08457 telephone number and website address across the back doors with the website address repeated under the Royal cipher on the side doors.

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