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Oxford Diecast 76TR016 - Popcorn Mobile Trailer

Oxford Diecast 76TR016 - Popcorn Mobile Trailer

OO Gauge

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The Oxford 1:76 scale Mobile Trailer. Popcorn is one of the nation's favourite snacks, selling by the bucket load in cinemas and fairgrounds and now available in so many sweet and savoury flavours it is almost impossible to decide what to have.

Here our Popcorn Trailer is brightly painted in white with a red roof, red and yellow masking to the sides and with an equally eye-catching roofboard advertising the Pop-Tastic Popcorn. Our trailer is registered POP 45. Additional masking sees the jockey wheel, mudguards and wheels painted red as well. The interior is moulded in yellow. The animated cartoon-like popcorn container on the sides of the hatch is promoting the Sweet & Sticky and Salty & Spicy from his vast list of 45 Pop-tastic varieties. Decisions, decisions!

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