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Oxford Diecast 76RN004 - Renault 4 Marron Glace

Oxford Diecast 76RN004 - Renault 4 Marron Glace

OO Gauge

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The Renault 4 had a great following, particularly in its native France, which contributed to its manufacture of over 8 million vehicles from 1961 right up to the 1990s. Classed as an economical family car, design options ranged from a 2-door pickup, 2-door van or a 5-door estate car complete with its opening ‘hatch-back’ feature. What’s more, it was very versatile and came into its own in town or country as it was comfortable, had good suspension, a reasonably sized engine, as well as the option of a 3-speed manual or 4-speed manual gearbox. It had a top speed of 65 mph.  A cheaper version omitted the quarter lights behind the rear seats but this option eventually became the norm and the extra windows were fitted as standard.

Our Oxford model is the 1:76 scale replica of the 5-door estate Renault 4, complete with quarter lights. It is registered TPX 454K from 1971 and appears with a brown beige interior and dashboard.  Exterior trim to waistband, window surrounds, bumpers and wheels is finished in silver, which looks good against the rich bodywork.

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