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Oxford Diecast 76RE004 - Riley Elf Damask Red / Whitehall Beige

Oxford Diecast 76RE004 - Riley Elf Damask Red / Whitehall Beige

OO Gauge

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Another great authentic colour scheme introduces the latest release of the 1960s Riley Elf which is decorated in a deep red with a beige/grey roof.   It is registered KFC 382F from 1967, a year before the Riley marque was absorbed into British Leyland Motors in 1968. A year later again, British Leyland announced the end of Riley production altogether.  The Riley Elf had been introduced in 1961 when this small car sported front wheel drive and a 4-cylinder in-line, 850 cc engine, Its top speed was 70 mph. Upgraded in 1963 to the 988cc Mk.II, it could reach 75 mph and our tooling choice – the Mk.III Elf – had even more refinements with inside door hinges and improved suspension.

Our Riley Elf Mk III replicates the two door, four seater car launched in 1966.  Its rich red exterior colour scheme is echoed with a red interior and seating against a mid brown dashboard.  The exterior trim is mostly silver including the Elf III ‘signature’ across the boot.  A finishing touch sees the diamond shaped Riley badge in bright blue set into the chrome radiator grille.  

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