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Oxford Diecast 76RP5001 - Rover P5B Arden Green (HRH The Queen)

Oxford Diecast 76RP5001 - Rover P5B Arden Green (HRH The Queen)

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The Rover Company.Ltd introduced the P5 in 1958 as a series of large four-door saloon and coupé cars which Rover manufactured until 1973, through mergers with Leyland Motors and then British Leyland along the way. The car comprised the first Rover to feature unitary bodywork styled by in-house designer David Bache.  Its elegant look included an equally well-appointed interior which would see the saloon version become a firm favourite vehicle for executive,  Government and even Royal followers. It was indeed rumoured that the Government of the day bought up the last production models to keep in reserve for future use. The Rover P5 made its 1958 debut labelled as 3-Litre powered by a 2995 cc engine and 115 brake horsepower. It came with automatic transmission, overdrive on the manual and power steering were optional with overdrive becoming standard from 1960.  Due to the weight of the car, it was decided to introduce more effective brake power by fitting Girling front power disk brakes.

The final version of the Rover P5 and the subject of our P5B model appeared in 1967 powered by the 3528 cc Rover V8 engine. It was badged as the 3.5L although popularly known as the 3 ½ L. The B suffix was added to represent Buick, the originator of the engine. Rover had no budget to develop a new engine, so instead they enhanced the lightweight aluminium Buick engine, giving it strength while retaining its compact features.  Automatic transmission, hydrosteer variable ratio power steering and Lucas front fog lights were now standard. Externally, the four door saloon and coupé were unchanged apart from the additional fog lights below the front headlights. The wheels were also given a makeover with Rostyle wheels with black inserts.

Several Government Ministers used the 3 ½ L P5B as their chosen transport, the last being Margaret Thatcher who was using a 1972 saloon version from coming to power in 1979.

However, here at Oxford, we have chosen to launch our own P5B as owned and driven by HM Queen Elizabeth II.  Our authentic replica is painted Arden Green and registered JGY 280.   It is reputed Her Majesty had more than one,  each successively carrying the same registration plate until the last one which carried a K suffix, having been slightly modified for security reasons. HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, also favoured and owned a Rover P5B too.  

Our dark green 1:76 scale replica is decorated in Arden Green, a colour which Her Majesty specified particularly on the original. The external trim is finished in silver and the authentic wheels are silver and black. The tooling also incorporates the bespoke fog lights placed under the front headlights. To the rear the Rover marque features on the boot above the number plate recess.  The interior seating is moulded in grey with black dashboard and steering wheel.

 Two of Her Majesty’s P5Bs – JGY 280 and JGY 280K -   went to the British Motor Museum in Gaydon, Warwickshire, while another one is still kept at Sandringham, where she used it extensively to drive round her estate.

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