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Oxford Diecast 76FMT001 - Field Marshall Tractor Marshall Green

Oxford Diecast 76FMT001 - Field Marshall Tractor Marshall Green

OO Gauge

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This farm tractor is modelled on the Field Marshall produced post 1945 and comes in their signature green colour scheme. The Lincolnshire based company of Marshall, Sons & Co started manufacturing tractors in 1930, the year which saw the launch of the single cylinder Marshall 15/30. Various upgrades were introduced during the 1930s, although production was reduced during the war years when the factory was engaged in war work.

The Field Marshall - a much improved tractor - was introduced immediately after WWII with the Series 1 (1945-1947). Series 2 followed between 1947 and 1949, Series 3 (1949-1953) and finally Series 3A (1953-1957). Up to the time of Series 3, which had an optional electric starter, the starting mechanism was by present standards, quite antiquated.

The method comprised a smouldering piece of paper containing saltpetre, which was inserted into the cylinder head by means of a special screw-in holder in the cylinder head. The driver then had to crank up the engine with a starting handle.

The main uses for the Field Marshall Tractor included pulling agricultural machinery from place to place, such as threshing machines. Once in situ, they were a familiar sight in use as the power plant with a belt pulley coupled by a large flat drive belt to the pulley of the secondary machine.

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