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Oxford Diecast 76ESC001 - Ford Escort Mk2 Tango

Oxford Diecast 76ESC001 - Ford Escort Mk2 Tango

OO Gauge

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The Escort marque dominated the UK's car scene from 1967, throughout the 1970s and 1980s, topping the charts as the nation's favourite car. Its versatility from standard family car to the chosen drive of young petrol heads also saw the Escort as a key competitor on the race and rally track with countless successes throughout its life which cemented its reputation as one of Britain's iconic vehicle.  The Ford Escort Mk2 comprising the second generation of the marque and dating from 1974-1981, was officially launched to the world in January 1975, superseding the Mk1. Production had started in December 1974 but unlike the Mk1, was not limited to the UK but was extended to Ford Germany as a result of joint collaboration between the UK and German Ford plants. The Mk2 had many external differences over its predecessor. Its styling was squarer; it used the same mechanical components as the Mk1, although the underbody had been revised, as was the interior where you could only get a model with a glove box if you bought the high end vehicle! The front-engined, rear wheel drive car also came with a stalk mounted horn. Under the bonnet not a lot had changed with the same engine capacity options, although the low end 940cc was only available in Italy. In the UK and Europe the standard engine ranged upwards from a 1.1L Rear suspension still sat on leaf springs rather than the coil springs used by other car manufacturers. The Mk2 was made between 1974-1977 as a 2-door saloon with later options including a 4-door version, a 3-door estate and a 2-door van.

Our Ford Escort Mk2 is a2-door version in a sizzling hot orange-red with black contrasting trim and a completely black interior. It is registered NEC 944P from 1975/76. Note the squarer shape, especially the radiator grille which is finished in black and silver and features the Ford name. Wheels are finished in silver completing the detailed effect. The boot also features the Ford name with Escort printed on the nearside above the exhaust.

The versatility of the Mk2 offers endless livery options across the whole motoring scene, promising a great deal to look forward to.

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