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Oxford Diecast 76BD019 - Bedford OY Van Civil Defence

Oxford Diecast 76BD019 - Bedford OY Van Civil Defence

OO Gauge

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Harking back to the 1930s, several types of Bedford civilian trucks were converted to military vehicles, seeing service with the Allied Forces on all fronts in the Second World War.

This Series OY truck is as used by the Civil Defence Corps, registered GLY 312 and painted an all-over brown with black chassis, representing a vehicle deployed to Mobile Column No.1, Rescue Section, as printed in white on the sides of the van. The bumpers are also white and the Corps crest appears in yellow, black and red on the cab doors. A silver ladder runs up the left hand side of the rear shutter doors and there is also a brown roof ladder secured with black ladder holders. The interior is brown with black steering wheel. Finally, note the double wheels on the rear chassis.

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