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Oxford Diecast 76AHF004 - Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite Nevada Beige

Oxford Diecast 76AHF004 - Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite Nevada Beige

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The Austin-Healey Sprite Mark I, affectionately known as the "Frogeye" or "Bugeye," is a small open-top sports car introduced in 1958 with production running until 1961. It was designed by the Donald Healey Motor Company and manufactured at the MG factory in Abingdon.

The Sprite was conceived in the late 1950s to fill a gap in the market for affordable, fun-to-drive sports cars. Inspired by the pre-war Austin Seven, it was intended to be a low-cost model that could be easily maintained and enjoyed by enthusiasts of all ages.

The car's design was heavily influenced by its cost-conscious objectives. It utilised readily available components from other British Motor Corporation vehicles, including the Austin A35 and Morris Minor. This approach helped to keep production costs down and allowed the Sprite to be priced competitively against other small sports cars of the time. It used the 948cc Austin A-series engine.

The Sprite's most distinctive feature was its headlights, which were prominently mounted on top of the bonnet, inboard of the front wings. This design, initially intended to allow for retractable headlights, was simplified due to cost-cutting measures, giving the car its unique "frog-eyed" appearance. Beyond its headlights, the Sprite was characterized by its compact size, minimalist interior, and open-top design. It featured a semi-monocoque construction, with stressed body panels and no externally accessible trunk, contributing to its lightweight and nimble handling.

The arrival of the MKII in 1961 saw the headlights moved to a more conventional position within the front wings.

This 1:76 scale Oxford Austin Healey MK I model comes in Nevada Beige, is presented on a plinth with a clear case lid and Oxford Automobile wrap.

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