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Oxford Diecast 76ACD003 - Aveling Barford Dumper Truck Royal Engineers

Oxford Diecast 76ACD003 - Aveling Barford Dumper Truck Royal Engineers

OO Gauge

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It’s back to a military guise for the third release on the versatile 1:76 scale Dumper Truck. Tooled up to accommodate the AEC 690, Aveling Barford and Scammell LD55 chassis, we’ve chosen the Aveling Barford option for our Royal Engineers vehicle.

Decorated in the familiar bronze green military scheme, the all-over garb is lightened only by a pebble grey panel behind the seats. The truck is registered 01 FX 50 and features the Royal Engineers Cipher on the doors with the Crown, Royal Insignia, as well as the Royal Engineers crest colourfully inscribed in gold, green, blue and red.  Military insignia and identity markings are also printed on the front and rear of the truck.

The heavy duty specification for the vehicle is mind-blowing. The engine was a 4-stroke, 6-cylinder, vertical, direct injection diesel. Output was 192 bhp at 2000 rpm with a maximum torque of 557 Lh-ft (77kg-m) at 1100 rpm. The clutch was a hydraulically operated single dry plate 16” in diameter while the gearbox featured 5 forward speed and 1 reverse gear, all constant mesh, direct mounted with the engine. The front suspension had 3 ½”wide inverted semi-elliptical leaf springs with rubber pump stops and telescopic double acting hydraulic damper. The rear bogie had 3 ½” wide inverted semi-elliptical leaf springs pivoted at their centres on a transverse tube, mounted in cast steel brackets bolted on to the chassis frame. Definitely built to last and to do whatever is demanded of it!  In the meantime, it makes a great addition to the Oxford Military series.

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