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Oxford Diecast 76 SEN0012- Sentinel Dropside Tate & Lyle

Oxford Diecast 76 SEN0012- Sentinel Dropside Tate & Lyle

OO Gauge

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The Sentinel Waggon Works had started life as Alley & MacLellan of Glasgow back in 1875, concentrating on steam vehicles.  The Scottish company acquired a  similar Shropshire  based operation in 1903, subsequently moving its steam wagon manufacturing to Shrewsbury around 1915  where it concentrated on the manufacture of steam powered lorries, steam wagons , railway locomotives and later, diesel powered lorries, buses and locomotives. The DG4 (Double geared) vehicle was introduced around 1931.  During this time Sentinel along with Foden – dominated the steam vehicle market but by 1934 Government legislation was demanding a move to lighter lorries which saw the demise of both companies. Sentinel became part of Rolls-Royce ultimately.

Tate & Lyles history begins with the founding of Henry Tate & Sons by Henry Tate in 1869. Tate was a successful sugar merchant and refiner. He built a sugar refinery in Liverpool, England, and became known for his innovative methods in sugar production and refining. In 1871, Henry Tate's company is credited with the invention of the sugar cube.

In 1921, Henry Tate & Sons merged with the Lyle family's business, Abram Lyle & Sons, which was known for its Golden Syrup product. This merger created the company Tate & Lyle, combining the strengths of both companies in sugar production and syrup manufacturing.

Our dropside is employed in transporting sugar for the company, famous for its signature Tate & Lyle sugar cubes destined for the elegant afternoon tea tables of the day.  The equally elegant gold and white printing includes the Royal Warrant ‘By Appointment’ Coat of Arms proudly printed on the cab doors.  Registered KA 1458, additional lettering includes the Tate & Lyle name printed in gold across the rear dropside panel and across the front of the cab, which also tells us the sugar refiners were based in Liverpool and London.  The cab has glass windows – unusual for the period - and the interior is black and includes a silver chimney with a gold top. 

Oxford Diecast Tate & Lyle Sentinel Dropside is a 1:76 scale model that comes on a plinth, with a clear case and an Oxford Diecast wrap. 

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