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Oxford Diecast 76 SEN001 - Sentinel Flatbed LMS

Oxford Diecast 76 SEN001 - Sentinel Flatbed LMS

OO Gauge

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A brand new introduction to the Oxford vintage truck line-up will delight 1:76 scale, 00 gauge railway enthusiasts, particularly those of you with affection for the London, Midland & Scottish fleet.

The Sentinel Waggon Works had started life as Alley & MacLellan of Glasgow back in 1875, concentrating on steam vehicles.  The Scottish company acquired a  similar Shropshire  based operation in 1903, subsequently moving its steam wagon manufacturing to Shrewsbury around 1915  where it concentrated on the manufacture of steam powered lorries, steam wagons , railway locomotives and later, diesel powered lorries, buses and locomotives. The DG4 (Double geared) vehicle was introduced around 1931.  During this time Sentinel along with Foden – dominated the steam vehicle market but by 1934 Government legislation was demanding a move to lighter lorries which saw the demise of both companies. Sentinel became part of Rolls-Royce ultimately.

The familiar LMS maroon, black and gold colour scheme comes into its own on this model of the DG4 which, as a flatbed, would have been ideal for moving loads around railway yards particularly.  It is registered AW 9126 and comes with glazed cab windows.  The gold chimney surrounded by silver rails protrudes from the interior of the cab which itself is moulded in black. The gold LMS lettering is printed across the front of the cab and also on the cab doors. The LMS initials appear again spaced along the flatbed edge, while the flatbed floor is painted a light brown colour.

It would be great to add your own loads to this vehicle and there are many Oxford options to choose from. 

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