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Kato 10-500-3 - Pocket Line OBB Steam Train Pack II

Kato 10-500-3 - Pocket Line OBB Steam Train Pack II

N Gauge

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Steam locomotive set 3 pcs. Prototype ÖBB BR 88 black / green.

With this 3-piece. Passenger train (the locomotive is modeled on a Bavarian D6 mountain, the cars are based on Austrian boxcar) Kato launched many years ago, the successful series "Pocket Line". The small 2-axle locomotive is relatively delicate, since the drive is housed in the chassis of the first passenger car. The traction is good enough to pull another 3 cars. The drive is made by a high-quality 5-pole Kato engine. With this model is the entry into the ?? good, old steam loco ?? easy to realize. Models for this train are currently still on many Swiss, Austrian, Dutch, French and German heritage railways and clubs.


  • 1 x 0-4-0 Steam Locomotive (Unpowered)
  • 1 x Passenger Coach (Powered)
  • 1 x Passenger Coach (Unpowered)
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