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Hornby R8223 - Extension Pack C

Hornby R8223 - Extension Pack C

OO Gauge

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Extend your set in easy steps by adding Track Packs and TrakMat Accessory Packs all the way to the full layout pictured on your TrakMat scenic underlay sheet. Add Extension Pack C to the Starter Oval plus Extension Packs A and B to make this layout.Track Extension Pack C contents: Straight track (R600) x 2; 2nd radius curve track (R606) x 1; Double curve 2nd radius track (R607) x 4; Right hand point (R8073) x 1.Having created a second complete oval using Trackpack C, you can run two trains independently.  You will also need to add a second Train Controller to operate this second oval. We recommend making the step up to the R8012 HM2000 Twin track Controller - giving smooth, responsive control over two separate circuits.

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