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Hornby R60224 - Touax KFA Wagon 'Turkon' 40ft & 'Bell' 20ft Containers

Hornby R60224 - Touax KFA Wagon 'Turkon' 40ft & 'Bell' 20ft Containers

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A KFA is a container flat wagon, commonly these are built using bogies reclaimed from other wagons such as TEA tankers. Built in Finland from the late 1980s the KFA has become a mainstay of the modern rail network, able to haul standard sized intermodal shipping containers within the restricted loading gauge that has resulted from a continued reliance on a Victorian invention.

At just over 60 feet in length the KFA is able to accommodate a raft of different containers from the standardised range, which tend to use the two main sizes of 40 foot and 20 foot. Be it 3 twenty foot containers or a twenty footer with forty footer, the KFA is able to haul them with ease.

The Hornby KFA wagon is fully diecast, with some separately fitted details on the chassis enhancing the level of detail achieved with what can sometimes be seen as quite a plain wagon. Studs on the chassis allow for the fitting of modular containers both included with the set and available separately.

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