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Hornby R30282 - BR(Late) 2-8-0 Class 8F Locomotive '48518'

Hornby R30282 - BR(Late) 2-8-0 Class 8F Locomotive '48518'

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The Stanier designed LMS Class 8F was many things, it was one of the most widespread 2-8-0 locomotive ever used in Britain, it was a war hero, an expat, but maybe more importantly it was a dependable servant of the freight industry. 852 examples of the class were built over an eleven years of construction with an example being built in almost every locomotive works around the UK. 

This is quite unusual as a competing rail company would not wish to allocate valuable shed time to a competitors locomotive however the locomotive was chosen by the war department to be the standard freight engine of the war effort. This led to their construction on every part of the UK network, as at a time of war even the fiercest national competitors would need to put their differences aside to work towards the common goal of peace.

Examples of the 8F locomotive could, at their geographical peak, could be found in the UK as well as Italy, Turkey, Iran, Palestine, Israel and Egypt. 225 examples would find themselves in service overseas initially in Egypt and Iran before those locomotives were disseminated around the Middle East and parts of Europe as and where demand dictated. Most of these locomotives would not return to the UK and would continue to be used in revenue earning service well after the withdrawal of steam on the UK network. 

Overseas examples would go on to be withdrawn in the 1970s and 80s, with most examples being scrapped. Back home in the UK, the last examples would be withdrawn at the end of steam on BR in 1968, a large number have been preserved. Two Class 8Fs represent a rare sight in the world of diving, going down with the SS Thistlegrom. These locomotives are clearly visible on the seafloor with the ship, becoming a major tourist attraction in recent years.

Locomotive 48518 as it was known in BR service entered service in August 1944 as the LMS locomotive 8518. Only a few years later it would have its number increased in line with its class as it entered BR service. The locomotive would work a career of almost 21 years before being withdrawn in July 1965. The locomotive would enter preservation, albeit briefly as it would go on to be used as a spares donor for the 6 other UK based 8Fs. The frames were scraped in 2013, and the boiler will be used on 48173 on the Churnet Valley Railway.

The 8F model is presented in its imposing black livery, perhaps more understated than its prowess would deserve. The model is fitted with tender pickups as well as an 21 pin DCC socket allowing the model to be operated on a digital layout if required.

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