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Graham Farish 377-732 - BR ZCA 'Seahare' Open Wagon Loadhaul

Graham Farish 377-732 - BR ZCA 'Seahare' Open Wagon Loadhaul

N Gauge

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Originally built as an SPA plate wagon, the wagon depicted by this model was given over to departmental use by the early-1990s, but later went on to receive the orange and black livery of railfreight operator Loadhaul. Hundreds of SPAs were transferred from revenue earning service to departmental use and like most engineer’s types, were given fishkind names – for former SPAs these being ‘Pike’, ‘Seahare’ or ‘Sea Urchin’. The first ‘Seahare’ wagons, given the TOPS code ZCA, were put into service in 1990 and whilst still looking like original SPAs, they differed in that their doors had been welded shut to provide greater strength when loading/unloading the wagons with spoil and ballast.

This Graham Farish wagon is a fine rendition of the prototype, from the body sides and ends with their rib detailing, through to the underframe which sports several separately fitted components to model the brake apparatus. NEM coupling pockets house the standard N scale couplings, whilst the metal wheelsets ensure that smooth running is guaranteed.


  • Graham Farish N Scale
  • Era 9
  • Pristine Loadhaul livery
  • Running No. DC460702
  • Length 77mm
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