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Gaugemaster GM57 - N Gauge Buffer Stop & Light

Gaugemaster GM57 - N Gauge Buffer Stop & Light

N Gauge

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The pack contains one N scale Buffer Stop and Light, which is ready to be situated on any section of track. No construction is required to install this item on to your railway.

The Light is simply clipped on to the track - no wires are required, but the Buffer Stop needs to be glued to the sleepers on the outside of the rails, ideal for platform ends or at the end of a siding. This easy to use item gives you “Instant Gratification” as if used on DCC, both LED lights are on constantly, while on DC layouts, one light will come on and vary in brightness with the speed of the train. These items are ready to plant but can be enhanced further with painting and/or weathering. They certainly help you bring your layout to life.

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