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Bachmann Narrow Gauge 393-227 - Set of Dinorwic Slate Wagons With Sides (Grey With Loads)

Bachmann Narrow Gauge 393-227 - Set of Dinorwic Slate Wagons With Sides (Grey With Loads)

009 Narrow Gauge

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The Dinorwic Quarry was once the world’s second largest slate quarry and vast narrow gauge railway networks were employed to move materials around the site and then on to transhipment points. To transport slate on these railway lines, Dinorwic had countless four wheel wagons built to its own design – often hauled by Quarry Hunslet locomotives as already modelled by Bachmann Narrow Gauge. Therefore, the Dinorwic wagons were an obvious candidate to join our range of OO9 scale rolling stock and so we are delighted to unveil these all new models of the Dinorwic Slate wagons with sides.

Whilst flat bed wagons were used to transport slabs of slate and other large, bulky items, dressed slates which were ready to leave the quarry would be moved around the site and to transhipment yards and docks in wagons like these with sides. The sides and ends were not fully enclosed but instead were much akin to a basket – this open form made the cargo of slates very noticeable and so we’ve included a rather nice load of dressed slates with every wagon to replicate this.

These new Bachmann Narrow Gauge models are fitted with metal wheels and NEM coupling pockets and are supplied with both standard OO9 scale couplings, to couple to other rolling stock and locomotives. In addition, simple hook and loop couplings are also included which provide a much more discreet coupling solution within a train formation. 


  •  Bachmann Narrow Gauge OO9 Scale
  • Era 2
  • Pristine Grey livery
  • Supplied with Slate Load (x3)
  • NEM Coupling Pockets
  • Supplied with standard OO9 Couplings and alternative ‘Hook and Loop’ Couplings
  • Length 3 x 25mm
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