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Oxford Diecast VOL01WF - Volvo FH Walking Floor 'Alex Anderson'

Oxford Diecast VOL01WF - Volvo FH Walking Floor 'Alex Anderson'

OO Gauge

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Oxford have tooled up a very modern Walking Floor trailer paired with the Volvo FH, which makes its debut in this popular truck livery – Alex Anderson of Bo'ness, on the west coast of the Scottish Lowlands. The walking floor concept in modern-day trailers makes it much easier for loading and unloading cargoes and many hauliers are introducing them into their fleets.

The Alex Anderson livery of dark blue and red with dropped shadow lettering is shown off admirably on this model and is full of graphic detail, leaving enthusiasts in no doubt about the Anderson sawdust and woodchip business. The chassis, bumpers, radiator and front mudguards are decorated in red. To the rear, the trailer roof and the bars along the sides are red, while the side tanks are finished in silver. Registered L600 AAA, a finishing touch sees the sun visor reading Bonnie Scotland at the top of the windscreen.


The plastic case has cracks in it.

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