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Oxford Diecast NCMP001 - CMP 1st Canadian Infinity Division

Oxford Diecast NCMP001 - CMP 1st Canadian Infinity Division

N Gauge

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The Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) truck was made in Canada during WWII in large numbers to British Army specifications for use by British Commonwealth allies. They were also sent as part of the Canadian Lease-Lend arrangement with Britain for service in the Soviet Union after the Nazi invasion of Russia. The conflict saw CMP trucks in many theatres of war including the European campaigns, North Africa, the Burma campaign and many others. Post WWII, the CMP was also used in conflicts in Indonesia, French Indo-China and the Portuguese colonies in Africa.

This replica was used by the 1st Canadian Infantry Division during the Italian Campaign in 1944. Decorated in black and a dark sandy drab camouflage scheme, the model features a canvas back with replica rope ties along the sides. Note the canvas panels on the side windows too. Artwork includes the RAF roundel with yellow outer circle on the cab roof, authentic military numbering and lettering and the Canadian Maple leaf in red out of yellow on the cab roof and rear of the vehicle. Dark brown chassis and black radiator grille  complete the high level of detail on this addition to the N scale Oxford Military series

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