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Oxford Diecast 76MA001 - Welsh Ambulance

Oxford Diecast 76MA001 - Welsh Ambulance

OO Gauge

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Registered CN07 AEC, this Mercedes ambulance is decorated in the contemporary green and yellow ambulance colour scheme with red and yellow chevron effect across the rear and with side and rear windows masked black. The chassis and interior are both black. Bi-lingual signage sees Welsh lettering on the offside and English lettering on the nearside, whilst the front of the vehicle features the word Ambulance in both languages printed green. A silver and blue light bar sits on the roof above the windscreen with white Ambulance lettering. The highly level of masking to bumpers, radiator grille, door handles, mirrors and many more of the tiny detailed features are finished either in matt black or silver to complete the realism on this little miniature.

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