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Oxford Diecast 76LAN2014 - Land Rover Series II Hard Back British Railways

Oxford Diecast 76LAN2014 - Land Rover Series II Hard Back British Railways

OO Gauge

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The Series II Land Rover was introduced in 1958 and was manufactured until 1961, when it was replaced by the IIA. Whereas the Series I had flat sides, the Series II can immediately be identified with the rounded side panels, which allowed for the wider track of the vehicle. Coming in Short and Long Wheelbases with numerous body combinations including fixed roofs, canvas roofs, open tops, station wagons etc.

This LWB Series II comes in "Blood and Custard" which comes from the slang used for the colours of British Rail carriages during the 1950's - Crimson Lake and Cream. These colours transferred to vehicles used across the network. Registered 2659 DN, the detailed lettering along the side indicates it was assigned to the Chief Civil Engineer York, while its identity number EZR 3101 N is printed in cream on both cabin doors. The distinctive Land Rover radiator and headlamp configuration is masked in silver on a black ground, complete with integral Land Rover badge. The chassis, interior and wheels centres are all black, with a silver boss to the wheel insert and - If you are wondering where the spare wheel is on this model, it is placed behind the cabin seats. This fine little Land Rover deserves a place almost anywhere on a railway layout of the period.

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