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Oxford Diecast 76FP003 - Ford Popular 103E Black

Oxford Diecast 76FP003 - Ford Popular 103E Black

OO Gauge

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When production of the older Ford Anglia and Ford Prefect was stopped in 1953 the Popular was developed as a budget alternative. The Popular was based on the old, prewar-style E494A Anglia. Costing under £400 including tax, it was the lowest price car around. Its top speed was around 60 mph with a fuel consumption of around 36 mpg. It was powered by a Ford Sidevalve 1172cc, 30 bhp, four cylinder engine. It had a single vacuum powered wiper, no heater, vinyl trim and very little chrome. Over 150,000 Populars were made. Shown here in the most popular colour black.

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