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Oxford Diecast 76FMT003 - Field Marshall Tractor Red

Oxford Diecast 76FMT003 - Field Marshall Tractor Red

OO Gauge

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Our Field Marshall tractor is based on the model produced by the Lincolnshire based company post 1945 and represents a much improved tractor over its 1930s predecessor. It comes in a bright red colour scheme with contrasting black and silver trim. Patriotically flying the red, white and blue Union Flag on each side of the engine cowling, the famous Field Marshall trademark is printed on the nearside in grey, together with Diesel lettering.

The Field Marshall was used mainly for pulling agricultural machines such as threshing machines from place to place and in its day was a familiar site in the cornfields with a belt pulley coupled by a large flat drive belt to the pulley of whichever machine they were helping to power.

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