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Oxford Diecast 763CX001 - JCB 3CX Eco Backhoe Loader

Oxford Diecast 763CX001 - JCB 3CX Eco Backhoe Loader

OO Gauge

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JCB promote the JCB 3CX Loader as the world’s leading backhoe loader behind their JCB 4CX. They boast it as the product of their efficient design philosophy responding to rising fuel prices and environmental concerns. Their innovative technologies have developed a vehicle with class-leading efficiency and low running costs. As they say themselves – squeezing the absolute maximum out of every drop of fuel! As a result, in typical roading, loading, excavating and idle cycles, the 3CX JCB backhoe loader, equipped with a powerful Ecomax engine, delivers an average fuel saving of up to 16%, plus lower emissions and noise levels. As well as the environmental benefits, the JCB 3CX features a brand new engine, more torque than rival vehicles, new electronic engine management system and new powerslide for faster, easier repositioning.

The detailed components of the ‘real thing’ are realistically produced on this Oxford model which appears in the JCB corporate yellow and black colour scheme. The forward body, lifting arms and wheel centres are all yellow with cab, chassis, buckets and interior appearing in black. A flash of colour sees the silver exhaust pipes and headlights. Rounding off this finely engineered vehicle, we see the JCB and 3CX logos printed boldly on the body lifting arms. Let’s get digging!

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