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Hornby R7305 - Maglight Lighting Unit (Mk3 Coaches)

Hornby R7305 - Maglight Lighting Unit (Mk3 Coaches)

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Battery operated lighting unit suitable for use with Hornby Mk3 Coaches (from 2019).

As the unit is non-specific, it can be used in many other modelling applications including coaches and if desired buildings providing space is available and the reed switch is located to the inner surface of the coach or building can be easily activated.

With the instructions included, installation is simple and straightforward.  No additional wiring or pick-ups required.  No need for any modifications to accommodate the unit providing there is space.

CR2032 button cell battery included.  Will delivery in excess of 200 hours of useful lighting.

Removes the need for pick-ups on the wheels and therefore eliminating drag.  Lights from individual coaches can be illuminated or switched on or off at will, without the need for expensive decoders.

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